Who I am?
I am quirky in some ways - my socks typically don't match. I value my friendships, family, and my faith. I love learning - you may find me re-reading text books. I have a passion for the arts & music. Growing up, my imagination got away from me - now I see it as a great strength. I find that I can relate and sympathize with individuals on many different levels. I find the journey of life a complex - at times indescribably joyful, at others shockingly in the depth of pain and unanswerable questions. I may not have all the answers—just an ear for listening and intuitive spirit.

I am a licensed mental health counselor, currently working on my doctorate in Counseling Psychology through Northwest University. I previously earned my bachelor's degree in Psychology from Seattle Pacific University and my master's in Counseling Psychology at Northwest University.

You may come with current concerns or issues from the past, but either way I strive to create a healthy place where you feel at ease with whatever surfaces. My goal is to ask questions and perhaps shine a different perspective on experiences and relationships. I am dedicated to learn how we grow and become comfortable in our true selves. I believe that we are each uniquely made - my job is to help you learn how to better live within your uniqueness.

I believe that the relationship between counselor and client is a huge part of successful therapy. We might have the same taste in shoes - but that doesn't mean I will be what you are looking for in a counselor - and that is just fine. Typically I set up an initial appointment where we can meet, hash through some details & paper work, and see if it's a good fit. After that initial session I leave it up to you to schedule an appointment - if you are looking for something different I have amazing counselors that I refer to and hope that you would feel comfortable to seek those out.